History of our company

GEERTECH has been founded in 1994 by Jan van de Geer.

Created by the sustained demand and needs of the users in the immediate environment after years of experience in maintenance, service and repair in the Agricultural sector.

With this expertise, reliability and high service, a sole proprietorship has become a versatile machine builder mainly in the agricultural business and orchard sectors. Meanwhile, more and more special machines are also built for earthworks and industry.

The diversity of our customers has lead us to constant development in the field of vehicle technology but also for pneumatics and hydraulics, including complex management which optionally can be controlled by a GPS signal. We do all of this to make the machines more reliable, but also to work more efficiently. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the efficiency of our customers.

Because of our technical and practical knowledge, combined with the needs and desires of the various end users, GEERTECH has become a specialist in the field of special equipment mainly for the Agro sector.

With an enthusiastic and motivated team of technical and commercial staff and a well-equipped plant with among others a separate hydraulic division…. meanwhile, we have many customers both home and abroad.


Our daily work is based on the vision to develop by listening to the customer and market needs for the end user and translate this assessment in very solid and profit-generating products for the customer.

The core values for GEERTECH are:

  • Reliability
  • Maximum service
  • Revenue-generating products for the client