Fruit Growers Machines

Multi spreaders for spreading compost, manure, lime, wood chips, etc. are available in 4 standard container sizes that can work with the majority of nurseries. However these dimensions can be adapted to your needs at little or no costs.

Of course we have the best set of options on our number One version, but over the years herein we have developed a huge list of extra options to meet all different needs.
Also, the hydraulic connections will be adapted to the connectors available on your machine and your personal preferences.

Just some reasons why people choose GEERTECH:

  • Delivery with extendable band and additional distributor rotor on the head
  • Available with adjustable disc spreader for spreading on two sides
  • Quick-change module for conveyor and disc spreader. With only a switching time of 10 minutes
  • Standard with hydraulic dosing slide for the optimal dosing of various materials and quantities
  • As well the bottom chain, the conveyor and disc spreader have a fully adjustable speed
  • Chassis and frame are welded and completely hot-dip galvanized
  • Walls of waterproof plywood
  • 5 year warranty on the chassis
  • All our products carry a strict CE approval